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It has been called Okunoin of Three Mountains of Dewa “Yudonosan”The “talk shalt” and “shalt hear” Shugendo of litchi-Yudonosan is, altitude 1500m, the mountain of gentle ridge line connecting to the Gassan southwest hillside. Yudonosan Shrine Hongu, the photography ban , visit the shoes strictly prohibited shrine is known for rigorous commandments that. Huge rock gushing of hot springs in the object of worship, it is full of many worshipers.

出羽三山,湯殿山,神社本宮,滝行,修行,巡礼,旅行,観光 出羽三山,湯殿山,神社本宮,滝行,修行,巡礼,旅行,観光

Three Mountains of Dewa ~ famous haiku poet “Yudonosan”Three Mountains of Dewa as a sacred place to represent the Northeast for a long time, and caught a lot of people’s mind, by collecting a lot of faith, has been known as Japan’s leading hallowed ground.
Each of the mountain of three mountains, the Haguro is this world (positive Kannon = Kannon Pure Land = current), Gassan is previous life (Amitabha = Amitabha Pure Land = past), Yudonosan the afterlife (Dainichi = Jakko Pure Land = future) It is to represent the Pure Land of Sansei that.
Early modern period of the Three Mountains of Dewa pilgrimage, enters from Haguro, performs training of resurrection and death in Gassan, pilgrimage many carried out to play on Yudonosan, it had a meaning of reincarnation (playback and death) “San’noseki Miwatari It was a (mountain’s etc.) “journey.

Famous haiku poet Basho, and the Three Mountains of Dewa
1689 (one thousand six hundred eighty-nine) midsummer, famous haiku poet Matsuo Basho “Narrow Road to the Deep North” pilgrimage (pilgrimage) of the binding (binding), seven nights such as Nanya Haguro (in Minamida) and it fulfilled the will Tohai to the long-sought “back pilgrimage (with intends Okumo)” the Three Mountains of Dewa, was kantoku the essence, “immutable epidemic” theory of the correct style in a haiku in Yamauchi (Director).

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Three Mountains of Dewa (Yudonosan) from outside the prefecture to Arriving Many Iriyama person is expected from outside the prefecture in the celebration and ceremony. Since there is a possibility that the hotel is fully booked by the organization, those who are coming from outside the prefecture is to reserve ahead of us we recommend that. Therefore, we will introduce the hotel to go in about 10 minutes by car to Yudonosan.
Also about 15 minutes in a traffic cars from hot springs of ShonaiThe hot springs where you can enjoy also about 15 minutes of Tsuruoka Shonai taste by car introduce
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Object of worship pilgrimage
出羽三山,湯殿山,神社本宮,滝行,修行,巡礼,旅行,観光 出羽三山,湯殿山,神社本宮,滝行,修行,巡礼,旅行,観光 出羽三山,湯殿山,神社本宮,滝行,修行,巡礼,旅行,観光 出羽三山,湯殿山,神社本宮,滝行,修行,巡礼,旅行,観光

Age three mountains were gods syncretism, a practice that Dousou the three mountains (so as) such as “San’noseki Miwatari”. Haguro is Avalokitesvara (currently), Gassan is Amitabha (in the past), Hayama and Mount Yakushi is the Medicine Buddha (future), by leading with their cage overcame San’noseki of current, past and future, Yudonosan of is complacent to treasure cave of Dainichi (world that transcends the San’noseki), it is one of obtaining a Myohate of sokushinbutsu (Open alive enlightenment). The reason for Tohai the object of worship turned barefoot, it is to kantoku is integral with Dainichi. Also Yudonosan the world because of God, artificial since ancient times is not provided with the shrine not allowed. Yudonosan shrine HP excerpt from

鶴岡,出羽三山,湯殿山,神社本宮,滝行,修行,巡礼,旅行,観光 鶴岡,出羽三山,湯殿山,神社本宮,滝行,修行,巡礼,旅行,観光 鶴岡,出羽三山,湯殿山,神社本宮,滝行,修行,巡礼,旅行,観光

If you go down the ladder of iron 90m from behind the Yudonosan shrine, leaving the waterfall of your waterfall shrine. Waterfall by suddenly dropping the object of worship side of shrine torrent of Bonjigawa is Yudonosan flows chewing Iwao. In the past it has been worshiped this waterfall as Fudoson, now will be worshiped God Serao Tsuhime. On both sides of between leading from the waterfall to Shinkyo 13 subordinate shrine of is enshrined, it referred to as ran your swamp that you pilgrimage this subordinate shrine. Often ascetic to the waterfall line in snowmelt, such as piercing the skin even in midsummer. Yudonosan shrine HP excerpt from

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